Our Story

It was the 1920's on the left bank of the Seine River in Paris, known to Parisians as La Rive Gauche, when the cafés of Montparnasse gave birth to an art and literary scene that would change the world. This was a time when artists, writers, and creative thinkers reigned supreme, living la vie de bohème; from Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Gertrud Stein — Henri Matisse, Colette, Pablo Picasso, Djuna Barnes, and the list goes on. These vanguard artists were the inspiration for our restaurant, and you will notice tributes to them throughout your dining experience. We celebrate their visions, while including our own.

Here at The LEFT BANK Bistro we strive to recreate a little piece of that history. We are a place for gathering with friends and meeting new ones, for sipping coffee and cocktails on the patio while enjoying great conversations; or dining in the house on one of Chef Kate’s delicious creations.

We did our best to honor the spirit of our renovated 1920’s home, keeping it as close to original as we could, while adding our own modern twist. This is our tip of the hat to the days of Jazz and Champagne.

We hope you enjoy.

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Our Food

We believe in using the best ingredients, grown responsibly. That’s why we proudly serve humanly raised and sustainably farmed products—beef and pork from Creekstone Ranch Farms, chicken from Freebird Natural Farms, locally sourced greens from Brickstreet Farms, and locally sourced, farm fresh eggs.